Self-development guidance

Exploratory and connecting walks through nature

Join me on an unconventional walk where you can relax, (re)connect with nature, get to know yourself and others better, and explore the environment in which you live, or where the walk takes place.
Often as a society, we are very separated and detached from nature, which is our original home. In the past, we lived in it much more frequently, even directly resided in it, drew energy and inspiration from it, and were not afraid of the night, mud, or common animals. However, since the industrial revolution, modern humans have somewhat distanced themselves from "wild" nature and only occasionally venture into it, as they concentrate their lives in cities and dwellings. Many sedentary jobs in front of computers do not contribute to our physical or mental health.

92 %

of our daily time we spent "locked" inside in buildings


per week spending time
in nature

33 %

can reduce the incidence of depression and anxiety by up to a third

What will you gain by joining the walk?


The walks with me will allow you to:

  • take time just for yourself, and you'll be able to "switch off," relax, and let go of control (everything is planned for you!)
  • gain strength and energy from nature; you'll have the opportunity to fully enjoy nature as you haven't in a long time
  • treat your body with movement and support your physical health
  • do something good for your mental health, reduce stress, and positively support your nervous system's function
  • reflect on various topics and questions that are currently relevant in your life (about your life, relationships, your nature, characteristics, behavior patterns, and habits)
  • share your feelings, thoughts, opinions, ideas, or needs with others and with nature
  • get inspired by others
  • it's very likely that you'll find answers to long-standing questions because being in nature is exceptional and healing :)

As a bonus, you'll discover natural and/or cultural landmarks and interesting things you'll encounter during the walk.

To get out!


The goal of the walks I offer is to get OUT:

  • literally, out into the fresh air of nature or the city, where you'll clear your mind, reconnect with our beautiful but endangered planet, and most importantly, with your body.
  • out of your established life patterns and daily routinesthat don't serve you
  • out of indoor environmentwhere you breathe stagnant air, bacteria, mites, and other harmful microorganisms
  • out of stiffness and stress, straight into movement, into your body, into relaxation
  • out into our original natural environment - into nature!

Price and registration

The price for one group walk is 350 CZK (14€) or 750 CZK (30€)/hour for an individual walk.
Participants cover their own travel expenses.
In case of unfavorable weather, the full amount will be refunded to you.

If you are interested, please contact me at or register through the platform Nauč


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