What is beautiful in a person is often invisible to the eyes.
Join me on a journey to discover the hidden potential of the human soul, life satisfaction, and a return to nature – both around and within you.

What do I offer

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In my facilitation practice, I offer courses, trainings, and workshops (2-4 hours; one-day, two-day, or multi-day), utilizing methods of non-formal education, focusing on a variety of topics ranging from effective communication, stress management, emotional intelligence, behavior patterns, to trust, or self-love. It is possible to combine the topics or focus on them individually.

Self-development guidance

I incorporate movement and nature throughout my facilitation practice, but especially in self-development walks in nature, during which you can relax, (re)connect with yourself and your needs, with nature, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself, others, and the environment you live in. You can experience it all thanks to coaching, individual and group excercises focused on the present moment.

About me

My name is Filip. I am a lecturer, facilitator, personal development guide, nature and movement enthusiast, pharmacist, and above all, a human being.

I help people find strength, courage, and a zest for life. To persevere. To connect with themselves, with their most inner essence, and to be fully honest with themselves. To face themselves, step out of their comfort zone, accept their fears, shortcomings, and concerns. To identify their ingrained patterns of behavior, habits, and try to change them, so they can be more satisfied with their lives.

I focus mainly on the topics of mental health, communication, emotions and their connection with body (movement) and nature to which I organize educational walks, workshops, and self-development courses.

Filip Kňažek

Pillars of my work


I actively work with groups because I believe that by sharing experiences with others, we learn far more than when alone. Additionally, the group is an important support tool on an individual's journey, something that humans, as social beings, greatly need.


An important part of my work includes activities where participants are forced to look inside themselves and meet all the corners of their soul and personality, those they like and dislike. For this, I use various methods derived from nature, psychology, philosophy, neurology, and other sciences.


Movement is an integral element that I use in my work. Whether in the form of walking, free dance, or physical movement (e.g., stretching), it not only has physically beneficial effects, but also helps us in the integration and understanding of various events in our lives. At the same time, our body was made for movement and learns much through it.


Everything originates from nature. Us included. However, lately, I perceive that as a society, we are increasingly distancing ourselves from it. Therefore, my activities often take place outdoors in the fresh air, in the forest, park, or on a meadow. Nature also inspires me in indoor activities; it is an endless well of learning.


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