Group facilitation

Courses, training, workshops, and guiding

My main job is facilitation and lecturing (training) – group education of people with the aim of their development – professional and personal. I work with people in a local, Czech-Slovak, but also international environment (all over Europe from Norway, Greek islands or Armenia, but also from Uzbekistan, Canada, Mongolia, or Kyrgyzstan). My participants and clients ranged from 15 to 70 years old and come from very diverse backgrounds – from the non-profit and public sectors, to university and corporate environments. More about my work experience can be found here.

As part of my work, I can offer you courses, trainings, and workshops, all utilizing methods and techniques of non-formal education. I work in Slovak (Czech) or English and am capable of preparing 2-4 hour workshops, 1-2 day courses, or multi-day trainings, which will focus on and consist of the topics described below. The longer the training/course, the more we can delve into the depth of the given topic and thus root and support the educational process of the participants. I work with groups of up to 15 participants myself, or in tandem (cooperation) with a colleague, up to 25-30 participants. In some topics (e.g., walks, coaching, mentoring), individual counseling and guidance are also possible.


These topics are my primary focus, and I combine them in my work. For each one, I am able to prepare a 2-4 hour workshop, a 1 or 2-day course, or, in the case of a combination of topics, a multi-day training.

  • self-discovery guided walks
  • stress management
  • emotions and its acceptance, emotional intelligence
  • mindfulness and breath
  • effective communication (basics of non-violent communication included)
  • nature in and around us
  • behavioural patterns
  • self-developmental coaching and mentoring
  • trust
  • touch and touch deprivation, basics of contact improvisation
  • movement and its´ importance
  • influence and importance of daily routines and (natural) rituals
  • self-love and self-care
  • assertiveness and feedback
  • personality types and typologies
  • working in a team, team roles
  • personal typology according to the color CA method
  • destigmatisation and education about psychedelic substances 

The outputs of my work

Booklets and videos from international training courses:

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