How does it work?

What to expect

Walks are intended for all adults who are not afraid of nature. I organize walks for the public, where new and unknown people can meet and inspire each other; I also organize walks for closed groups, work teams, close friends or families, couples, and individuals.

The walks have a self-development intention and potential and can also have a therapeutic undertone. However, they are not therapy as such!

During the walk (in motion), we will work and think in groups, pairs, and individually. At the same time, we will listen to the forest and nature and spend moments in silence and solitude, just with nature. At some stops, we will try games and other activities.

Come if time spent in nature makes sense to you and you want to connect more with yourself through nature, with your needs, feelings, physical body, but also with others. The aim of the walk is not to solve lifelong troubles and problems in 3 hours, but to straighten out your thoughts and gain a new perspective for further solutions.

The self-discovery walk is not designed as demanding hiking, but it will not be a walk in the park either. Almost everyone can manage it (however, it will not be an barrier-free route). The location of the walk is always different. The walk is conducted in Slovak and usually lasts 2-3 hours. Bring with you an open mind and heart.

All the important information you will need, I will send to you before the walk and remind you again at the beginning of it.

I can tailor the walk to your needs. By arrangement, it is possible to create a full-day, or weekend/multi-day walk/hike including various self-development and relaxation activities and sharing, for you, your team, your colleagues, friends, or family.

Why to walk with me?

Principles and methodologies the walks are based on:

  • appreciation and trust in nature (shin-rin-yoku; forest mind/forest bathing)
  • presence and mindfulness - slowing down and slow pace (no rushing)
  • coaching techniques
  • safe environment
  • respect of diversity and personal boundaries
  • partner, friendly and non-hierarchical approach - we are all human beings with different emotions and needs, which are all valid
  • communication and self-developlment soft-skills techniques coming from non-formal education
  • techniques and methods based on stress management, emotional intelligence and non-violent communication
  • discretion and confidentiality

* for more information about the methodologies see facilitation

During walks with individuals, I mainly use various coaching techniques based on therapy in nature and eco-coaching

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