About me

My name is Filip. I am a lecturer, facilitator, personal development guide, nature and movement enthusiast, pharmacist, and above all, a human being.

In my work, I mainly focus on mental health topics (stress management, mindfulness, burnout); communication skills and emotional intelligence in combination with movement and nature in the nonprofit and academic area. I organize discovery walks, workshops, and self-development courses internationally and for the general public in and around Brno.

In my work I use approaches based on
non-formal education psychological research and coaching, work with embodiment (conscious perception of the body and movement), nature and nature-based education methods, reflection and activities aiming at getting out of comfort zones.

I am part of the official trainers' pool of the largest Czech organization in the field of non-formal education – House of Foreign Cooperation (under the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic), which organizes various international and local events for volunteers, the public, and organizations in the field of education.

I work with groups as well as individually. In the field of education, I have been professionally active since 2014. I have worked with 1000+ people from more than 30 countries ranging in age from 13-75 years.

More about my journey

I have been fascinated by the human being as such for long - it started with the human body and the processes that occur in it at all levels - from cellular (I am a trained pharmacist) to emotional and intellectual.  I am interested in how the brain works, our psyche, soul, emotions, nature, interaction with others. And how it all relates and fits together. How life and humans are beautifully complex and yet fragile.

I am intensely devoted to self-improvement in all aspects. I help others discover and understand themselves, to become better people; better versions of themselves. However, I have found my calling in this. I believe in goodness and in the power of people. Not naively, though. Everyone must start with themselves to discover this goodness and see it in others. I believe that everyone can work on themselves and can change their life and thus positively affect the lives of those around them for the better. The important thing is to want to. It's necessary to face oneself, step out of the comfort zone, accept one's fears, shortcomings, and worries. To help you find strength, courage, and a zest for life. To persevere. To connect with oneself, with one's most inner essence, and to be fully honest with oneself. I try to live all this, even though I know it's not easy, but it has its immense charm.

Since 2014, I have extensive experience with short-term and long-term trainings in inter- and intrapersonal skills and soft skills, focused on topics such as behavior patterns, communication, stress management, mindfulness, personality types, conflict management, presentation skills, leadership, body language and movement, education in nature, coaching, and intercultural differences. I have written and organized several training courses within the Erasmus+ program, ESC, and many other events, trainings, workshops, projects, and also conferences in a professional, self-development environment. I lead courses in Slovak and English. Thanks to my education (pharmacy), I also engage in the research of psychedelic substances, their connection with self-development topics, and therapeutic use, their destigmatization, effects on our mind, and leading courses and integration groups.

Education and experience

Marker Czech-Slovakyear long training program for facilitators and youth workers accredited by the Ministry of Education in Slovakia and Czechia 

Development of pedagogical competences in the university environment (year-long training) 
Center for the development of pedagogical competences, Masaryk University, Brno

International coaching training Practicing coaching and mentoringOmmen, The Netherlands

Year-long course of shamanic meditations in Prague

8-week long Mindfulness courses (3x) MBSR - Mindfulness based stress reduction, MBCT - Mindfulness based cognitive therapy

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Intensive training and educational courses (each with minimum of 60 working hours), focused on different topics (from 2016):

  • Non-formal education and trainer
  • Nature-based education
  • Stress management
  • Mindfulness
  • Movement, bodywork and embodiment
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Non-violent and effective communication
  • Coaching, self-development, authenticity
  • Trauma
  • Leadership and mentoring
  • Arts (music, body, voice, colours...)
  • LGBTQIA+ rights, vulnerability

Master of pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy VFU Brno (now under Masaryk University), Czechia

Internship and work experience

2016 - present time Trainer, facilitator, lecturer, self-development guide

  • International Erasmus+ trainings for youth workers on topics of behavior patterns, stress management, mindfulness, mental health, authenticity using psychological, natural, and embodiment techniques
  • International training weeks for university staff on topics of Stress Management & Mindfulness; Effective Communication; Mentoring, Leadership, and Coaching; Presentation Skills
  • workshops and exploratory nature walks for the public

2019 - present time Trainer, facilitator at the Institute of Lifelong Learning of the Faculty of Pharmacy and on the Faculty of Philosophy of the Masaryk University in Brno

  • Organizing and facilitating group international and local soft-skills trainings, workshops, and seminars (short-term/long-term) for students and local/international university staff (staff training weeks)
  • Guarantee of 2 university soft-skills subjects – Fundamentals of Effective Communication; Stress Management and Mindfulness
2019 - present time Trainer, facilitator and researcher at the NGO Beyond Psychedelics July 2022 – Present: Trainer in a pool of trainers – Czech National Agency House of Foreign Cooperation

2014 - present time
Project management, organisation and preparation of projects

  • writing successful international grant applications
  • coordination and moderation of international conferences, leadership camps
  • Project management of international projects in the field of education and healthcare (e.g. EMPIRE project)

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